Proficiency Based Education

What is Proficiency-Based Education?

Proficiency-Based Education grew out of the competency/standards-based education movement of the 1980's and 90's. It is based on the premise that students must meet all identified learning targets within a curriculum. As students demonstrate proficiency, they move on to more challenging content, or higher levels of skill performance. Proficiency-Based Education is widely supported by business and legislative interests, this model is more efficient, more equitable, and better preparation for future success.

Why should we change?

Starting with the graduating class of 2018, Maine Law 1422 requires that diplomas be awarded based upon meeting all district identified proficiencies in all content areas. Each individual school district is charged with identifying the specific Learning Targets and the methods for assessing those Learning Targets. More importantly, Winthrop. High School is changing because Proficiency Based Education reflects current best practices. Requiring students to meet all Learning Targets prepares them much better than averaging grades to determine credit. Requiring students to meet all Learning Targets will eliminate gaps and ensure that students have reached a specific level of knowledge and skills in every content area.

What does this mean for my child?

Starting with the graduating class of 2018 we are requiring all students to demonstrate Proficiency (a grade of 3.0 or better) on all of the identified level Learning Targets in. Math, Science, English, and Social Studies in order to earn credit. If a student does not earn a 3.0 or better on a Learning Target, he/she Will be required to complete a re-assessment on the specific Learning Target. A re-assessment will require additional instruction, remediation, and/or interventions connected to the Learning Target. Only when a teacher feels confident that a student is prepared will he/she be allowed to re-assess. .

What supports are in place at WHS for my child?

WHS has implemented a new schedule that incorporates time within the school day when your child can get support from his/her classroom teachers. Target Time is a 35-minute period Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Students will be assigned to Target Time sessions on a weekly basis. This is an opportunity to get targeted support directly from the classroom teacher. Our teachers are also available to help students before and after school and during tutorials. WHS also offers a wide variety of counseling and tutorial services and support for your child.