Main Office Phone Number: (207) 377-2228

Click the Department names below to reveal the name, position, and contact information of individual faculty and staff members. Click an individual's name for an e-mail address. If a staff member has a website, there will be a link to the right of their phone extension.

Administration & Support Staff

Name Position Extension

Mark Campbell Principal 3001

Joel Stoneton Athletic Director 3002

Denise Mitchell Admin. Asst: Maine Office 3000

Lisa Johnson Guidance Councilor 3018

Patti Mitchell Admin. Asst: Guidance Office 3016

Lita Blanchard Social Worker 3017

Jeannine Ross District Nurse 3004 Office Hours

Diane DeBlois SNP Team Leader/HS Manager 3007

Rose Dawbin SNP HS 3007

Todd park Tutorial Advisor

George Moore Maintenance 3011


Name Position Extension

Kristel Anuszewski English Teacher & Librarian 3005 Website

Mark Carey English Teacher 3107 Website

Alexis Dascoulias English Teacher & Theater Teacher 3010 Website

Christine O'Brian English Teacher 3106

Tiffany Shaw English & Video Production Teacher 3104 Website


Name Position Extension

Matt Andreasen Math Teacher 3210

Amanda Boyce Math Teacher 3206 Website

Maria Kauffman Math Teacher 3206 Website

Meagan White Math Teacher 3214 Website


Name Position Extension

Danielle Doucette Biology Teacher 3205 Website

Cameron Fecteau Earth Science/Physics Teacher 3207 Website

Vanessa Mertzel Chemistry/Physics Teacher 3203 Website

Social Studies

Name Position Extension

Darcy Adams American History Teacher 3111 Website

Sharon Coulton Civics/Psychology Teacher 3108 Website

Ross Shaler World History/Latin Teacher 3208 Website

Special Education

Name Position Extension

Jamie Hayford Special Education Teacher 3103

Sarah McLaughlin Special Services Ed-tech 3105

Jessica Merrill Functional Skills Teacher 3105 Website

Steve Ross Special Services Ed-tech 3103

Wendy Taylor Special Services Ed-tech 3133

John Williamson Special Services Ed-tech 3133


Name Position Extension

Ed Van Tassel Phys. Ed. & Health Teacher 3101 Website

World Languages

Name Position Extension

Kristen Mclaren French Teacher 3212 Website

Kelsey Ouellette Spanish Teacher 3202 Website

Ross Shaler Latin & World History Teacher 3208 Website