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Performing Arts at WHS

Theatre Arts Classes

Theatre Arts classes at Winthrop High School have a long history of creativity and depth. Since the PAC was built in 2003, the Theatre Arts have been an essential part of the WHS curriculum. Design/Production and Performance are the primary areas of focus. Two new classes–Public Speaking and Playwriting–are being offered for Spring 2019.

At the core of WHS Theatre Arts are three integral parts: Performance expectations and preparation, technical understanding and proficiency, and critical thinking and appreciation of the art form.

Performance Classes perform three shows in the year–these shows are all FREE and are different from our Theatre Arts Association shows (see below).

1. Christmas/Holiday Show

2. Story based Show (March)

3. Children's show. (May/June)

Theater Arts Association

This is the club portion of the theater program. This club is responsible for the Fall production and the one-act play. Along with these two shows and the class shows, the PAC hosts five student shows per year. In order to participate, students are expected to hold their grades up in accordance with the athletic eligibility standards. This applies to the Fall and One-Act shows.

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All events in the PAC can be found on the High School Calendar

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