Maria Dostie

January Student of the Month

Read Mrs. O'Brian's speech HERE

School Song

Boys' Basketball lead the school in singing the school song.

Poetry Out Loud

Mrs. O' Brian announced that Maria Dostie won the competition in our school then went on to regionals and scored in the top 10!

Kindness Crusaders

Ms. Ouellette announced a new group starting after break. Students will meet once a month to come up with some act of kindness they can do in the school.

WIN Period Pilot

    • Mr. Price and Mrs. Anuszewski announced a pilot program for the WIN block.
    • Starting after break we will have WIN during Tune-Up block everyday until April break as a trial.
    • If you need to see a teacher then let your advisor know by that morning to sign you up on the spreadsheet under that teacher’s name. Each teacher will be capped at 6 students per day, so first come, first serve.
    • Teachers can also request specific students that they specifically want to see still
    • WIN will become a quiet study for advisees still in the room.

White Card Students (high honors) for Quarter Two

Green Card Students (honors) for Quarter Two