December 2017

WHS Teacher's onstage with ugly sweaters.

Students were treated to teachers in their ugliest holiday sweaters singing the school song to open our Town Meeting.

Mrs. Anuszewski & Cameron Wood onstage.

Next Mrs. Anuszewski awarded Cameron Wood the November Student of the Month. To see the sentiments shared, please go HERE.

Congratulations to WHS library Aides.

She also gave Library Aides recognition and awards and presented the Reading Ring Leader to Kelsey Farrell.

Mrs. O'Brien & Nate St. Pierre

Mrs. O'Brien awarded the Poetry Out Loud Award to Nate St. Pierre who won the school-wide competition and will represent Winthrop High School at the State Competition in February. Good luck to Nate!

Ms. Shaw & students onstage.
WBUS 75 news clip.

Miss Shaw invited her WBUS cast and crew to the stage and they presented the first episode of the new school news program. You can find the shows on youtube under Rambler Productions. The team invites you to subscribe today.

Mr. Foulke and Mr. Price also performed a musical duet and teachers participated in the first ever ugly sweater contest led by Mrs. Landry. Mr. Fecteau was the winner, but Mrs. Mertzel was a close runner-up. Mr. Fecteau sported a fireplace sweater complete with the mantle, stockings and a FIRE! Mrs. Mertzel's shirt featured a holiday themed chemistry graphic. Mrs. White came in third place with her snowman shirt that featured her baby to be.

Thanks to Mrs. Landry for making the holiday season so fun and festive at Winthrop High School.