September 2016

Kelly Stratton greeted students and asked teachers to lead the school in our school song.

Mrs. Drew speaking at rambler town meeting.

Mrs. Drew informed students about the Common App and senior interviews and invited students to attend upcoming college interviews. She also shared some upcoming October testing--- ACCUPLACER for seniors, PSAT for sophomores and juniors and the NWEA for freshmen.

Mrs. Margy Burns-Knight & Mr. Steve Knight speaking at rambler town meeting.
Sign for CMG2 Project.

Mrs. Margy Burns-Knight and Mr. Steve Knight introduced a service-learning project for students. They

have challenged the WHS community and the community at large to donate 100 clean, lightly used

blankets to the CMG2 project to help homeless veterans. Our students will rise to the challenge.

A yearbook? What do you mean you didn't buy one yet??
Students pictured on the projector.

Mrs. White and Mrs. Anuszewski introduced the yearbook club and invited students to attend a meeting to learn more on 9/16, Friday afternoon at 2pm. Yearbooks are $40 from now until October 1. After October 1, they will be $50.

Mrs. White and Mrs. Anuszewski speaking at rambler town meeting.

Mrs. Anuszewski shared library news: Over 120 books have been checked out already!!!! Patrons who read and review new books are entered into a drawing to win prizes...happy reading. New book review rewards will be given at the next Rambler Town Meeting in October.

WHS students on stage at rambler town meeting.

WHS Student Council Members were introduced. Student Council is working on the Homecoming Events and published the Homecoming Dress-Up Days. Look for that information on the webpage--and below. This year's semi-formal homecoming dance theme is Under the Sea.

Homecoming week information.


...Monday-- Mismatch Day

...Tuesday-- Nerd Day

...Wednesday-- Character Day

...Thursday-- Throwback Fashion Day

...Friday-- Green and White Day

Ms. Shaw speaking at rambler town meeting.

Miss Shaw invited all students to join Rambler WhiRR--- Robotics...

Mrs. Hanson speaking at rambler town meeting.

Mrs. Hanson held up a book without a cover and asked students to understand that even though publishers add a pretty cover that gets people interested in it, that the content is still the same. This symbolizes people with autism. She shared an inspirational video that encourages acceptance of all people.

Mr. Morin speaking at rambler town meeting.

Mr. Morin sweetened the yearbook deal and dropped the price of the book to $40 for the first 100 sold before October 1st.

He then invited the seniors to be school role-models--no talking, no cell phone use, no headwear.

He also reminded students of our emergency plan and encouraged questions and clarifications from all students and staff members.