October 2016

Antonio leading the class in the WHS school song.

Antonio led the class in the WHS School Song.

Mr. Knight onstage with students.

The WHS Student Council presented the liaison to The Maine Homeless Vets with a blanket to represent our donation of over 100 blankets to keep Maine Homeless Vets warm this winter! Student Council Reps from left to right are: Mackenzie Guerin, Corinna Coulton, Sarah Spahr, Maguire Anuszewski, and Kelly Stratton.

Mrs. Anuszewski onstage with students.

Mrs. Anuszewski presented gifts of thanks to her library aids who help to make the library a GREAT place to be! Left to right: Kathryn Ross, Nora Conrad, Moriah Hadjuk, and Jordan Belanger.

She also shared a new science database that is available to students: Access Science. Please use the link on the WHS library web page.

Mrs. White & Mrs. Anuszewski onstage at rambler town meeting.


Mrs. White and Mrs. Anuszewski shared their goal of selling 100 yearbooks this year! We will keep a chart of our progress toward that goal and encourage all students to purchase a yearbook.

Senior deadlines are posted on the WHS website homepage.

Ads are due on November 9th. We will be having our next meeting "invitation only" where t-shirts and pizza will be on the agenda! We will make this a rockin' work meeting.

Ms. Shaw speaking at rambler town meeting.

NaNoWriMo-- November is National Novel Writing Month.... Miss Shaw invited all teachers and students to participate in this epic AWE--portunity!

Latin officers Emma Dwelle and Portia Hardy congratulated Vincent Scott on placing 10th in the National Latin Convention Publicity category. Congrats to Vincent!!!

Latin Club will also be Trick or Treating for UNICEF-- please wear your togo and meet at the Winthrop Grade School at 6pm on Halloween night.

Mr. Fecteau & Sierra Huff.

Sierra Huff was given the October Student of the Month Award-- congratulations to Sierra!!! Mr. Fecteau spoke about her Rambler pride and superb sportsmanship!

Mr. Price speaking at rambler town meeting.

Mr. Price requested that students no longer leave their backpacks in the PAC and please do not go through the PAC and interrupt PAC classes. Mr. Price introduced Kathryn and Clara who performed their monologues from Acting I. He also reminded faculty and staff that "Anne of Green Gables" will be shown in November. Students: bring a canned good or a blanket and $3 to get in to see the play.

Kelly shared her joke... Why can't you hear a pterodactyl going to the bathroom?

(Answer: ...It's because the "p" is silent....hahahaaaaa!!!! )

Mr. Morin and Mr. Stoneton introduced Varsity Club and handed out framed letters.

WHS students holding framed letters.

Green cards were given out... all As!!!!

WHS Green card recipients.

White cards were given out... all As and Bs!!!!

WHS White card recipients.