November 2016

Mrs. Boyce shared a motivational video that was supposed to have been shown by the National Guards man who visited us at our last stress-free awareness. The quote that we are left with from this video: "A river cuts through rock--not because of its power but because of its persistence."

Student council led the student body in the school song.

The student council asked the Rambler community to support The Christmas Angel program.

Mr. Shaler awarded students with Latin accolades.

Student council shared "The Milk Conundrum"-- their message is to help us recycle and please do not dump your milk containers into the returnables bin. They appreciate the students' help with this issue.

Mr. Price shared acting scenes and asked students in the Anne of Green Gables cast to join him on stage. He encouraged all students to come and see the play and support the students in it.

Mrs. Anuszewski presented the November Student of the Month Award to Spencer Steele. Congratulations to Spencer. You can see Mrs. Anuszewski's commentary HERE.