April 2017

Kelly welcomed us all and posted the school song on the PAC monitor screen so that we could all follow along.

Mrs. Coulton speaking at rambler town meeting.
Mrs. Coulton and Nate Scott.

Mrs. Coulton recognized Nate Scott for his willingness to get involved and try new things at Winthrop High School this year. Congratulations on getting Student of the Month!

NHS "sharp-dressed men" onstage.

Mrs. Drew invited her NHS "sharp-dressed men" out onto the stage to showcase the Mr. Rambler Contest. The sign-up deadline is on May 19th--- and the contest will be held on June 1. All are invited to attend.

Mrs. Drew also shared that NHS will sponsor Relay for Life to benefit the American Cancer Society. She is asking people to register by May 5th to guarantee yourself a t-shirt. And, make sure to save the date for the event which will be held on Friday, June 16th from 6pm to 6am. Anyone is welcome to participate in this amazing fund-raiser for an amazing cause.

Mrs. Kelley & Ms. Ouellette.

Mrs. Kelly asked students who are going on the Quebec trip to pick up a packet from her as soon as possible. Eighteen students will be traveling with her and Miss Ouellette for their 7am departure in a couple weeks. Have fun, all!

Ms. Shaw onstage with students.

Miss Shaw showed three videos today that her film students produced. Great job to all!!! All can be found on Rambler Productions.

WHS Student.
WHS Students.

Maguire Anuszewski wrote, directed and filmed "Trial 37" which featured Nate Scott, Connor Gay, Nate St. Pierre and Kelly Stratton. Maguire also edited an Imagine Dragons video for their song, "Believer". Finally, Lukas Grube entered the Broke and Stoked outdoor video contest with his film: Maguire Anuszewski: Athlete Spotlight.

Mr. Shaler shared the accolades of the Spring Certamen-- a Latin Trivia Contest.

Mr. Shaler & Students.
WHS Students.
WHS Students.

Students in Latin III received 8th place: Portia Hardy, Phillip Easterbrooks, Fantasia Perez, and Ben Boulay.

Students in Latin II received 4th place: Sam Neumann, Alysson Moulton, and Jasper Williams

Students in Latin I received ____ place: Ben Lavoie, Natalie Frost, Rylee Lassar, Ailayia Falcone, and Gabby Blanco.

Students in Latin also took the National Latin Exam in March. Students who were recognized for their test results were:

WHS student.
WHS Students.
WHS Students.
WHS Students.

Cum Laude: Matt Ingram and Ben Lavoie

Magna Cum Laude: Rylee Lassar and Clara Szakis

Maxima Cum Laude: Jasper Williams

Mrs. Johnson speaking at rambler town meeting.

Mrs. Johnson shared details of the Art Show. The Opening Gala will be held on Wednesday, May 10th from 6-8pm. The show will run through May 19th and will feature art from Winthrop students grades Pre-K to 12.

Ms. Shaw & Mrs. Johnson onstage at rambler town meeting.

Mrs. Johnson and Miss Shaw shared the results of the WBUS logo competition-- 1st place: Maguire Anuszewski, 2nd place: Jasper Williams and 3rd place: Phillip Easterbrooks. Congratulations to all and "watch" out-- because here comes our new TV station--- WBUS!!!

WBUS 75 Logo 1.
WBUS 75 Logo 2.
WBUS 75 Logo 3.
WHS Students.
WHS Student with robot.
WHS Student speaking at rambler town meeting.

Miss Shaw also showcased the Robotics team with a demonstration of their robot: "Ameilia's Return". Congratulations to the team and to Ella Dwelle who was awarded Safety Star of the Day at the Lewiston FIRST competition.

Mrs. Anuszewski speaking at rambler town meeting.
Mrs. Anuszewski onstage with students.
Video playing.

Mrs. Anuszewski shared information about the Broadway Bound Lip Sync that will be held on Thursday, May 25th at 7pm. She shared a promotional video and the winning act from last year. All WHS students are invited to perform and/or attend to see the show. She invited all the groups in the Lip Sync to challenge last year's first place winners--- The Backstreet Boys: Sam Lattin, Jared McLaughlin, Cam Wood, Maguire Anuszewski and Jackson Ladd.

Mr. Price ended the Town Meeting with the presentation and congratulations of the cast and crew from Out of the Darkness for their great performance at the State Drama Festival. The following students were recognized for their special commendations: Acting-- Maguire Anuszewski, Connor Gay, and Pearl Bechard. Choreography--Chloe Wilson. Mr. Price also shared news of upcoming performances-- All in the Planetary on Friday, April 28th and How We Learn on May 4th. And, the children's performance of "Landshark" about a boy who wants a pet shark.