November 2015

Alex Kennedy speaking at rambler town meeting.

Mentors are NEEDED!!!!

Alex and Kennedy shared the importance of helping out by being a peer mentor at the middle school. Alex delivered a great speech on being a leader and encouraged all to become a mentor to our younger Ramblers and help them find success at WMS.

Mrs. Criss speaking at rambler town meeting.

Mrs. Criss made a guest appearance and asked for help from the high school students.

Mrs. Doucette speaking at rambler town meeting.

Tip Off Tourney--- Come on Seniors--- it is time to step up for YOUR Project Grad!!!

Mrs. Doucette shared a message with seniors from Christy McLain. She urged seniors to sign up for the TipOff Tournament. The money raised next week will help with Project Grad. The sign up sheet is in the Senior Lounge.

Mr. Fecteau's Horticulture students.
Mr. Fecteau & students.

Do your part... COMPOST!!!!

Mr. Fecteau's Horticulture students shared information on composting. The composting bin will be in the lunchroom. Please help the class make some great fertilizer for our Rambler gardens in the spring.

Mal Lavalle winning the October student of the month.
Mal Lavalle winning the October student of the month.

YEAH for MAL!!!!

The October Student of the Month honor goes to Mal Lavalle!!!

Mal Lavalle winning the October student of the month.

GREAT JOB, Mal... You are an awesome RAMBLER!!!!

Latin club members.

Congratulations to Latin Club Members!!!

Latin Club members earned accolades at last weekend's Latin Club Convention. Great job to all who earned awards... Mrs. Cook shared in the joy of learning!

Order your yearbook today!


Mrs. Boyce encouraged all students to purchase the 2015-16 yearbook---there are NO EXTRA COPIES AVAILABLE!!!!

Free permit practice tests.
WHS student.
WHS students.

Mrs. Anuszewski showcased a new resource on the web from the American Library Association that can be used to help students prepare for their Maine driver's test. You can find it on the high school webpage. Hopefully this is beneficial to many students. She then thanked a student who had recently performed a random act of kindness--- those acts are very much appreciated and noticed at WHS! Next, she drew the winner, Devyn Taylor of the New Library Book Review prize and congratulated Alison Berube and Anthony Owens who are OWNING online.

My top students.
Ms. Shaw speaking at rambler town meeting.
Video at rambler town meeting.

Thank you, Veterans!!!

All students at WHS made a video to send overseas to thank our US Troops for their service to our country. We appreciate you and your efforts!!!

WHS student Ryan Douchette.

Special thanks go to Ryan Douchette who edited the video clips and put them together for the presentation. Great work, Ryan!!! You have made your Rambler Community very proud!!!!

Mr. Price speaking at rambler town meeting.
WHS students.
Students on stage at rambler town meeting.

Lights UP!!!

Mr. Price's Acting I class presented a scene from a play they have been working on in class. Anthony and Raven showcased a first date with an excited football fan. Great job to our Rambler thespians! Come and see more talent this weekend at "39 Steps".