December 2015

Anthony Owens & Mr. McArthur.

Anthony Owens was selected for the honor of November Student of the Month.

Ms. Shaw honoring Tia Hafford & Sammy Lattin.
Ms. Shaw honoring Noah LaPointe.

Miss Shaw presented awards to students for their continued success in the vocabulary program she is using in her English classes. Noah LaPointe, Tia Hafford, Sammy Lattin and Ricky Henry were all recognized for their work in the classroom

Ms. Shaw honoring Ricky Henry.
Mr. Fecteau.

Mr. Fecteau was recognized for his having completed the NaNoWriMo goal of a 50,000 word novel. His novel is a hunting story that is sure to be based on a great deal of non-fiction material from all the time he has spend in the woods on the chase.

Jess Tozier.

Jess Tozier, WHS Senior, also completed her NaNoWriMo goal. Congratulations, Jess for writing TWO novels in two years!!!

Celeste Hannum & mr.s Anuzewski.

Celeste Hannum and Tyler Nussinow were recognized by Mrs. Anuszewski for having achieved the best essays on the topic of Beowulf as a hero. Congratulations to those students from periods 1 and 8 for their work.

Jesse Stevens & Mrs. Anuszewski.

Jesse Stevens won the library new book review award for November. Thanks for reading and reviewing, Jesse!!!

Corinna Coulton.
Kennedy Connor.

Mr. Morin awarded the prize for the correct answer to the trivia question--- congratulations to... Corinna Coultion & Kennedy Connor.

Mr. Morin.

WHS Quarter 1 green card recipients--- congratulations for getting all As!!!!!

WHS Quarter 1 green card recipients on stage.

WHS Quarter 2 white card recipients-- Congratulations on making honor roll status with all As and Bs!!!!

WHS Quarter 2 white card recipients on stage.