October 2014

Student Council President, Lilly presents speakers and leads the town meeting.

Student Council President, Lilly presents speakers and leads the town meeting.

Garrett, Zach, and Mario wake the crowd with a t-shirt launch... WHS pride!!!
Maine Youth Voices speakers.

Our chapter of Maine Youth Voices shared a great service learning project: Yuda Bands. Two hundred bracelets handmade from leather and coconut shell will be sold for $7 each by our Youth Voices students to raise money to support a young woman from Guatemala in her quest to become educated and then to become a teacher. This is a great project that was brought forth by Tessie.

Woody accepting a 'Cumbies' gift card.

Woody is the October winner for SAT Verbal Question of the Day. He happily accepted gift of a "Cumbies" gift card and Chex Mix.

Fantasia accepting her prize.

Fantasia won the WHS library prize for the new book review. Congratulations to her!

Tyler shaking Mr. Morin's hand.

Congratulations to Tyler for being named Student of the Month! Tyler was described as being a helpful student who gives his time freely to help other students and a pleasure to have in class. He is respected on the fields and in the classrooms and is a leader by example. Great job, Tyler!!!

Mr. Morin sharing a video about Autism.

Mr. Morin shared a video called "My Name is Michael" to bring awareness to our community on the topic of autism. Mr. Morin also talked with students about an opportunity to become involved in helping students with special needs in a sports program that Winthrop High School students will have an opportunity of which to be a part. This touching story of Michael will remain with us for a very long time.

Teresa, Mrs. Cook, Mrs. Boyce, and Mr. Van Tassel speaking.

Theresa discussed the upcoming Robotics demonstration.

Mrs. Cook discussed the Unicef program on Halloween.

Mrs. Boyce encouraged all to purchase their yearbooks to get into a $50 raffle to win prizes at Cumberland Farms or Dunkin.

Next up, Mr. VanTassle made the community aware that the Winthrop Open will be held on Wednesday, November 3 at 2:45pm. Prizes will be given to top runners; all WMS and WHS students and staff are invited to run.

Happy 16th Birthday, Dora, from all of your friends and teachers at Winthrop High School.

Winthrop High School wished Dora, our exchange student from China, a VERY happy sixteenth birthday. We are so happy we could celebrate with you!!!

MANY thanks to Mathias Deming for photographing our meeting.