May 2015

Latin Club

Mrs. Cook began the meeting asking for students who are interested in attending the Latin Club Convention to connect with her as soon as possible. She would like to be able to reserve spots and build activities based on participation.

Superheroes wanted relay for life shirt.

She also asked for students who are interested in being a part of the Relay for Life team at WHS to PLEASE get information from her, Mrs. Boyce or Mrs. Doucette. She is hoping to make this an annual event and would like to raise thousands of dollars for this very worthy organization. She also noted that if students stay for the event and can earn at least fifty dollars for this cause that they will get 15 hours of community service credit. So, please join an existing Relay for Life Team---or make your own. But, either way--- get involved!!!

Mr. Setchell Speaking.

Mr. Setchell presented the March Student of the Month award to junior, Celeste Hannum.

Ms. Shaw and Curtis Hawes

Miss Shaw presented the April Student of the Month award to senior, Curtis Hawes.

Quater 3 green and white card recipients.

Green and white card recipients-- Quarter 3

Students who were absent at the last town meeting.

Green card certificates are Tyler Nussinow, Megan Chamberland and Emma Conrad. (These students were not present at the last town meeting to get their cards.)

Mr. Morin Speaking.

Mr. Morin closed the meeting by reminding students to give 100% of their academic effort to their classes as the year comes to a close. He warned against giving up and losing credit. So, Ramblers--- do your BEST!!!!