March 2015

Lilly leading the Pledge of Allegiance.

Lilly opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Ben Boulay presenting funds raised for the Cloutier family.

Ben Boulay presented gift and the funds he raised to the Cloutier family. In the true spirit of Rambler compassion, Ben worked hard to help the Cloutiers. Your hard work is definitely appreciated and admired, Ben! Great work!

Mrs. Boyce speaking.
Mrs. Boyce and Mario.

Mrs. Boyce presents Mario with a gift card for being the winner of a the yearbook drawing.

Congratulations, Mario!!!

Mr. Knight speaking.

Mr. Knight encouraged students to purchase prom tickets soon since they will not be sold at the door.

Mrs. Cook speaking.

Mrs. Cook discussed the relay for life that will be held at Winthrop HS this year. It will be a great opportunity to raise money for the American Cancer Society and a great opportunity to have fun with your friends while doing good for others!!! Join in! Make a team! Raise some money! She also reminded the student body that Latin Club is sponsoring the spaghetti dinner before Cabaret's Friday show.

HOPE Relay for life 2015
Miss Shaw presenting Rambler drawstring backpacks.


Miss Shaw encouraged Ramblers to purchase these drawstring backpack bags. They will be sold during lunches and the proceeds will help support various Rambler clubs--- WhiRR, student council... So, get yours for only $5!!!

2015 Rambler Production Academy Awards...

She also handed out her film awards to the winning team of SHAW! Great job with the production and congratulations on your hardware!!!

Directed by: Otis Vance

Mrs. Anuszewski and Hope Dunn.
Mrs. Anuszewski and Woody Oliveria

Mrs. Anuszewski presented awards from English class and the library.

SAT Question of the Day Winner--- Woody Oliveria

And The WHSlib New Book Reader/Reviewer Winner-- Hope Dunn

Congratulations to Woody and Hope and enjoy your gifts.

Mrs. Hanson and Megan Chamberland.

February Student of the Month...

Mrs. Hanson recognized Megan Chamberland as February's Student of the Month. Congratulations to Megan; this is a huge honor of which she is very deserving!

Mrs. Doucette and Tessie Moody.

Tessie Moody and Mrs. Doucette were recognized for their work in earning money for third world country teens with the Yuda Band project. This is an amazing program and supports students in their desires to better themselves through education.

GREEN AND WHITE CARDS WERE GIVEN... congratulations to our Ramblers who are working hard in the classroom.