December 2014

The December Town Meeting at Winthrop High School honored some very deserving students.

Ms. Shaw honoring Jessica.

Ms. Shaw honored Jessica because she wrote over 50,000 words for NANO. Great job, Jessica!

Mrs. Kelley
Mr. Morin & Mitchell.

Mrs. Kelley shared her sentiments about the November student of the month, Mitchell DeBlois. Then, in a very funny presentation, Mitchell was "reunited" with his gym shorts he'd lost back in October.

Nick Schlosser.

Next, Mr. Morin shared Mrs. Anuszewski's sentiments about the December student of the month, Nick Schlosser. Nick was presented with the award.

Mrs. Anuszewski & Ellie Choate.
Mrs. Anuszewski & Ellie Choate.

Then, Mrs. Anuszewski presented the SAT Question of the Day prize to Ellie Choate and the new book review award to Portia Hardy. Both girls received a new coffee travel mug and a gift card to Cumberland Farms.

Mrs. Cook recognizing Latin Club students.

Mrs. Cook then recognized her Latin Club students who attended the convention. It was great to see the four-years in their matching Latin shirts.

Mr. Van Tassel

Mr. VanTassle congratulated all who participated in the running event held at our school in the fall.

Students slingshotting t-shirts into the crowd.
Students catching t-shirts.

Students, with the help of Mr. Knight's engineering skills, used a slingshot to fling t-shirts into the crowd. Lots of free gifts were given!

Mrs. Doucette

Next, Mrs. Doucette thanked the advisor groups for participating in the coding online training. Students were told they would be treated to a hot cocoa bar at the close of the meeting. YUM!!!

Class of 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 Green and White card recipients.

Next, Mr. Morin and the coaches awarded the winter scholar athletes with hard-earned recognition and Mr. Morin then handed out green and white cards. Congratulations to our scholars for their dedication to their studies.