Winthrop High School

March Student of the Month

Phoebe Dow

presented by Mr. MacArthur

7. March Phoebe Dow

April Student of the Month

Jayce Corgan

presented by Ms. Shaw

8. April Jayce Corgan

Rambler Good Cause Sticker Sheet 

Hello Ramblers!

Last semester Ms. Shaw's Multimedia Design class was tasked with creating a sticker sheet using the skills they learned in Adobe Illustrator to raise money for a local charity. The class unanimously voted to create this sticker sheet in honor of Mrs. D and her cancer fight. We spoke with Mrs. D. and she asked that we donate the money from our fundraiser to the Harold Alfond Center for Cancer Care. The sticker sheets have finally come in! Please help us show Mrs. D how much we love her by buying a sticker sheet or two or three get the idea. Each sheet is only $5 and all profits will go to the Alfond Center in her name. Dig into those piggy banks and search the couch cushions, and then come see Ms. Shaw in room 102 or 104 to buy this collector's item for a good cause! Or email her at to order yours!

Jay Dufour

211 Rambler Road
Winthrop, Maine 04364


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