We envision a school in which…

  1. Compassion, respect, responsibility, cooperation and integrity guide our community.
  2. Teaching and learning govern the use of time, space, facilities, personnel and financial resources.
  3. Students and staff are held to high standards.
  4. Teaching and learning focus on all students.
  5. Faculty, supported by staff, administration, and community, leads the development and implementation of learning practices and procedures, subject to school board approval.
  6. Parents, students and staff share the responsibility for student learning.
  7. Lifelong learning is valued and practiced in our community.

The Winthrop High School community believes that all students have the potential to be successful learners. The school will offer a safe and secure environment, advocate high academic standards, and strive to create challenging and diverse learning opportunities. Our school will promote self-esteem and tolerance by encouraging students to be respectful and accept responsibility for their actions. Our school, parent, and town partnership will invite students to become life long learners.

The Winthrop High School Student will…

  1. Exhibit competency in academic areas mandated by the state.
  2. Communicate ideas and information using a variety of formats and media.
  3. Understand and use technology for a range of purposes.
  4. Apply problem-solving techniques and critical thinking skills.
  5. Demonstrate good citizenship by contributing to their community.
  6. Develop and implement personal goals while assuming responsibility for behavior and learning.